International Travel Nursing

Nursing by itself is already an exciting and challenging career option. With international travel nursing, nurses can not only experience their career in exciting new ways, they can see the world, make a difference in it, and get paid a much more lucrative rate than they would if they just stayed at home.

Getting to Travel

International travel nursing allows those with the requisite skills to travel the world with ease. Nurses are needed everywhere there are people, and they are willing to import nurses who have the skills to get the job done. By signing on to an international nursing job, individuals can see the historic cities of the Middle East, explore the bustling cities of Australia, and experience the many cultures of Europe. Agencies will connect qualified nurses with the countries that need them most. They will arrange the travel, set the nurse up with available housing, and encourage a true international experience for those interested in serving the world at large.

Helping Those Who Need It Most

Even while international travel nurses get to experience and become a part of the global community, they are serving many of those who need it most. Most companies seek to place their nurses where the demand is highest. Whether a country has recently experienced shortages due to labor disputes, a town has experienced a local emergency, or there are simply openings due to personnel leaves of absence, travel nurses are sent where there are openings. That means that if nurses take jobs in nations where there is subpar health care, they will be providing medical assistance to those who need it most.

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Increased Pay

International nurses may even find that they make more money when they travel. Most nurses who work through an international nursing agency are paid by that agency instead of by the local hospital. These companies pay at several different rates depending on how desirable the assignment is, how much experience the nurse has, and where the job is located. Jobs in the Middle East, for instance, can regularly earn upwards of $50,000 US dollars a year, while European jobs can earn anywhere from $35,000 to $65,000 a year. On top of that, the agency will often pay for the nurse’s housing, travel expenses, and, sometimes, a per diem for everyday living expenses.

Travel Nursing in the United States

Several international travel nursing companies will even import international nurses to the United States. With nursing shortages in multiple communities in the United States, too many hospitals are woefully understaffed. Companies like O’Grady Peyton International specialize in bringing nurses from European and Asian countries into needful hospitals in the US. The company will also help American nurses find jobs elsewhere in the country for temporary and long term stints in various communities throughout the country.

Nurses regularly get to encounter the best and worst of people, and they have the chance to improve lives with attentive care and the best medical science has to offer. With international travel nursing, they get to expand the scope of their experience, helping individuals around the world and experiencing everything the world has to offer them.

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